Restaurant Jägerhaus -Küche…Kunst…Natur - Ein Idyll für die Sinne


Opening hours Friday and Saturday from 18:30 and Sunday’s lunch from 12:00


Culinary - Art - Nature

In 1898 a Basel businessman built Jägerhaus as a hunting lodge for his hunting parties. It also became from the 1920´s onwards a domicile for artists, from all artistic fields, to live and work. For example the poet, Hermann Burte wrote his novel “Der Wildfeber” here for which he received the "Kleist-Preis". Since 1965 a gallery–coffee house had been running here under the Böhlen family.

It was on May 6th, 1988 that my parents opened our doors to welcoming you to “Restaurant Jägerhaus”. Sice 2015 my partner Melanie Guttwein and I, Jolanda Wermuth, are aiming rather our “cooking spoon”, as a passive weapon of choice, to draw you in and spellbind you with culinary delights with the vision of fine dining under the motto “Culinary – Art – Nature”.

We are delighted that you are here by us today!

Restaurant Jägerhaus is located in the village of Egerten

Wollbacher Strasse 28,
D- 79400 Kandern-Egerten, Germany

Telefone: +49 7626 8715

Opening hours Friday to Saturday from 18:30 and Sunday’s lunch from 12:00 For groups we also open on individual days and hours.

We only accept cash. No (credit) cards. Our guests can also pay with Swiss Francs.


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